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38th Annual CAN AM Tourney 2011
(Saranac, NY)

37th Annual CAN AM Tourney 2010
(Saranac, NY)
35th Annual Ruggerfest 2011
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

34th Annual Ruggerfest 2010
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


37th Annual CAN AM Tourament - Saranac Lake, NY
(July 30 - August 1, 2010)

WARTS at Saranac Team Photo
Team Roster

Date Opponent Results
July 30 Albany, NY 0 - 10
July 30 Beach Hawaiians 17 - 10
August 1 Green Mountan Geezers 0 - 10


Disclaimer – The information below may or may not be true or represent the opinion of any reputable person or entity.

Welcome to the new WARTS that joined us in NY. Bob Rhubright, Felipe Hasselmann, Jeff Arendt, Matt Downs, Michael Powers, Stan Vilgrain, Wayne Harrison, Jean-Louis Moures, Jean-Claude "ball stealing hooker" Beauvais, Louis Moures, Greg Ball, JD (John Davidson), John Howe, Doc (an alias), Mickey and Kenny Ourman(sp?).

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For those of you that have not been to Can-Am, put it on your calendar. This was my first trip and I was impressed with the natural beauty of the surrounding area. Lake Placid/Saranac Lake are in the midst of Adirondack National Park, which consists of over 6 million acres of wildness with 26 incorporated towns.

Thursday night, after a nine plus hour “picturesque” drive, several WARTS players had dinner in the Little Italy section of Saranac Lake, which consisted of one restaurant that was advertising for an “experienced chef”. In spite of the disclaimer, good food and fun was had by all.

Friday saw the WARTS debut in the Can-Am tournament. We played strong in the first match, but fell to Albany by a score of 0 -10. In the second match on Friday against a Cleveland side called the Beach Hawaiians, the WARTS were relentless in the first half as we built a 17 point lead with tries from Matt Downs on a scrum half five meter sneak, a breakthrough at inside center by Jeff Arendt and a try on the wing off a penalty by Bob Rhubright. The Hawaiians scored two late tries. (We let them score because they were wearing pink uniforms in support of the fight to cure breast cancer.)

Friday night several WARTS ventured to the Tail of the Pup, a roadside BBQ, where the French contingent had procured reasonable accommodations. Translation - for not much money, five not so small players squeezed into a 20 by 20 foot cabin that supposedly had a leaking faucet (bladder ??). However, the food was good and our waitress Jess, served ice cold beer.

Saturday was an off day which saw nine brave souls rent three nine horse motor boats. The armada motored through scenic Lower Saranac Lake and connecting canal where lunch and refreshments were had on a giant rock in the middle of the lake. Several brave (stupid) seafaring pirates took their turns jumping off a 25 foot rock into uncharted waters. Lonnie Weston stood at the ready in case her nursing skills were needed.

On Sunday the WARTS played in the consolation final against the Vermont Green Mountain Geezers. The Geezers struck first with an unconverted try and it stood 0 – 5 at the half. Later in the second half Tim Desmond had a great out of bounds kick up field that an opposing Geezer tried a quick line out to himself. However, Tim got there first and was on his way to a try between the posts when the referee mistakenly blew the whistle, thinking a spectator had touched the ball and therefore, no quick line out could have occurred. When his mistake was pointed out, the referee was very sympathetic, but the non-score stood. The flow of the game went back and forth until the Geezers scored a try late in the second half and then added another at the final whistle.

The play in this tournament was the most intense that I have experienced in Old Boy play. The other teams were relentless in loose play and the backs kept a coming. The WARTS dominated set pieces and line outs, with Jeff Weston and his lifters getting most of the number two throws from both teams. Despite having only four or five subs (whores) per game, the WARTS rose to the challenge and through hard play gained respect from the other teams and players.

Injury update -. Henry Breton pulled his hamstring in the first game. Matt Downs had a serious calf injury and Kenny blew up his knee and all three were not available for Sunday’s game. Tim Desmond had a run in with a boot’s cleats that caused him to get his arm stapled together before Sunday’s game. Jeff Arendt got an earful of an elbow which required the wearing of a scrum cap. Hope you all heal in time for the fall seasons.

Thank you Stan for the new WARTS jerseys which looked great. Check out the jerseys in the photos from the tournament. Tahita bought matching socks for everyone and Jeff Lange washed and folded the jerseys in time for Sunday’s game.

Iron man awards to Greg Ball, Filipe and John Howe for propping the entire Sunday match. Try of the tourney goes to Matt Downs for his no look sneak around the scrum from five meters. Hustle play of the tourney – non-try by Tim Desmond with assist from the referee. Old Fart of the weekend - Wayne Harrison anchored the scrumhalf spot playing a fine tournament and the entire match on Sunday.

Lake Placid and Saranac Lake were full of wild people, festivities and purposeful wardrobe malfunctions, with events such as a dominatrix whipping mostly old ruggers to raise money, the stealing of a women’s team’s manikin which prompted a wild chase down main street of Lake Placid and ruggers running the halls of Hotel Saranac until 4:00 am and throwing flower pots on Jeff Lange’s car.

This may be more notable to me, but may be applicable to others as well. I learned two new words and saw both last weekend; merkin and motorboating. If you have questions about those two, you are on your own.

Ken Worm